Recovery College Course


Scottish Recovery College exists to build visible recovery activism in Scotland. Scottish Recovery College is designed to help Recovery Activists build recovery groups, develop campaigns, initiate and support recovery enterprises and communities while maintaining the values, cultures and practices of the Recovery Movement. In short it is designed so that participants can learn to take action in the community without losing the serenity of their recovery.

This course is an essential survival toolkit for those who are, or want to be, Recovery Activists (Recoverists). The course runs for eight days; 10am to 4pm with a break for lunch, which is provided. Scottish Recovery Colleges are led and taught by members of the Recovery College Collective. (Recovery Activists who were selected and underwent the training provided by SRC to facilitate the course).

The course is designed for 15-20 participants from different areas in a region. The transformation into a Recovery Activist (Recoverist) occurs through the dual action of learning from contributions from leading Recovery Activists and thinkers and encountering the diverse experiences and perspectives of other students.

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