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Accessing Advice & Support - An Opportunity to Make Your Voices Heard


Accessing Advice & Support - Make Your Voices Heard

Aberdeenshire Alcohol & Drugs Partnership’s ASSET service is currently expected to offer responsive advice, support and referral for individuals and family members experiencing difficulties around alcohol or drug use. It should provide safe and confidential community support to people whilst they address their substance use.

The contracts associated with this service must be renewed in 2023, either with the current service providers or with other agencies offering suitable services.

In order to get the best ideas for what such a service would look like for individuals and communities across Aberdeenshire, the community wants to ask you, as individuals affected by substance use, either personally or through a loved one, in the present or the past:

  • What would responsive advice, support and referral look and feel like?
  • What are the current barriers that make it difficult to obtain advice, support or referral?
  • What concrete steps can we take to make this work better?

In order to collect and communicate the widest possible set of views, we’d like to invite you to a meeting at Curl, Aberdeen on the 23rd of June (6.30-9.00pm).  Whether you’re still struggling with substance use, at some stage on your recovery journey or your life is or has been affected by someone who is, PLEASE come along and share your thoughts and ideas around how to do this better.

More detail about the event will come in the next few days but please, consider the invitation, mark your diaries if you can, spread the word and contact us if you have any questions. Leave your email with Renata ( to receive more details after 16 June.