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Worried About Someone Else's Drinking?

If you need advice, support, or just to talk to someone because of someone else’s drinking e.g. family member, friend employee etc the first contact is Aberdeenshire Substance Use Support, Engagement and Treatments (ASSET). Get Help


What Will This Service Do For Me
This Service is for People That:

  • Are affected by the alcohol use of others, e.g. loved ones, family, friends, employees
  • Want any information about problematic alcohol use an employer, teacher e.t.c.

Aberdeenshire Substance use Support, Engagement and Treatments (ASSET) will:

  • Find the right place and time for you to be able to meet with the workers. If attendance at established venues is difficult e.g. because of rurality or infirmity, they will arrange something more suitable.
  • Offer immediate advice and information
  • Support you to plan what you are going to do to support the person that you are worried about
  • Help you to keep safe and meet your own needs that are caused by another’s drinking.