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Keeping Safe

Needle Exchange in Grampian

Needle Exchanges in Grampian are free, confidential and anonymous services.  They aim to reduce harm to people who inject drugs such as injecting site wounds and the spreading of viruses such as Hepatitis and HIV.  They do this by offering all clients a new set of injecting equipment for every time they inject.  They also provide advice and can support individuals to access other services. 

a) Equipment Available

What types of injecting equipment are available?

Currently, needles exchanges in Grampian provide:

  • Syringes/needles
  • Swabs to clean skin before injecting
  • Water for injection (some sites)
  • Barrels
  • Filters
  • Citric Acid
  • Disposal Bins

What types of support are available?

Staff can provide support or help you access support on:

  • Safer injecting advice 
  • Overdose risks and naloxone supply
  • Sexual Health advice/services
  • Support to register with a GP/doctor
  • Hepatitis/HIV testing
  • Counselling
  • How to access clinical treatment
  • Employment/Benefits

b) Support

All needle exchanges are anonymous and confidential.  We will not share your personal details with other people or services.

We do collect some information anonymously in a client record.  This allows staff to support to your personal needs.  It also helps develop the most effective types of support to meet all clients’ needs.

You will be asked for the first initial of the forename and the first and fourth initial of the surname and your date of birth.

e.g. John Smith born on 1st January 1980.  Would be JSI 1/1/1980.

If you feel uncomfortable giving your own initials you can use any memorable name that you will remember.  We ask that you try and use the same initials each time you attend a needle exchange so we know we are working with the correct person.  It is more important than the date of birth is accurate so that we can build a picture of how old needle exchange users are.

Translation services are available.  This may involve a phone call to an interpreter.  This is a confidential conversation between the needle exchange worker, the interpreter and yourself and will not be shared with any other people.